Sell Side Process

Selling Steps

List Appointment - Web Conference

A Property Owner decides to engage the services of an agent from Key Prime Realty. This can be from a client referral, Web generated, Past Client. This is a No-Obligation zoom call to explain our process.

Listing Appointment - In Person

If the client decides to move to an In-Person appointment, we move to an in person listing appointment. This is a no-obligation interview by a property owner. This is our Job interview. You are interviewing us for the job of selling your property. We understand the owner might be interviewing multiple agents

Property Walkthrough - Agent

Once the owner hires our Office to represent them, our Experienced Agent team will walk through the property. Do a detailed Comparative Market Analysis. Suggest Listing Price. Discuss strategy to get the best price & terms. Suggest the Repairs that could bring multi X returns from money spent on such repairs

Property Walkthrough - Stager

We strongly recommend the owner walkthrough the property with a stager of our team or an independent stager of their choice. We typically credit the client with the cost of this appointment.

Decide on Open House Weekend

This is the crucial weekend when the property is available and marketed for most visitors. Monitor market on what else is coming in. Avoid Open House during timings they are unpopular - conflicts with local games. Weather regents. Busy Holiday periods where people are on vacations etc.

Repairs are Done

Property owner finishes the obvious repair that give maximum returns.

Staging is Done

Stager has finished staging the property

Finish our EPIC photography

A toolkit of essential widgets and features that will supercharge your workflow.

Go-Live in MLS

1 week before Open House , we make the listing live to general public

Syndicate Listing to various Websites

We ensure the listing goes various public sites . This is just basic marketing. This exposes the property to prospects looking. Our exceptional marketing will push the property to prospects who are not looking.

Exceptional Marketing

"The channels we use for marketing are :
1). MLS
2). Public Sites : Verify Info - Redfin, Zillow, Realtor , google search to confirm how the lasting is prioritized by Google search Engine
3). KPR Website
4). KPR Google Profile
5). Insta
6). LinkedIn
7). Twitter
8). Facebook
Padma Personal
Groups ( Full List Tracked in SMM sheet)
9). Agents Email by Name
10). MLS Rev Prospecting
11). Email Campaign for Generic KPR CRM Contacts
12). Text Campaign to buyers in KPR CRM ( current clients & Hot prospects)
13). Open House Marketing - Signs
Just Listed Flyer to Neighborhood"

Marketing metrics- Meet SLAs

It is one thing to say we do marketing but is entirely different to meet certain metrics. What is the Zillow View Count & Save Count. Has to become a Hot Home on Redfin. How Many Emails Sent. How Many texts sent. What is the Open Rate. How many private showings.

Open House Weekend

10+ Signs to attract as many visitors. Just listed card for neighbors to drive them into Open House or bring their friends in. High Density of visitors show demand & desirability of the property.


Encourage anyone everyone on placing offers. No offer is undesirable however insulting it is. Always use an Offer Deadline. Only exception is if we know another property is known to come on market before we collect offers

Offer Review Process

When we collect multiple offers, this is when we have the highest negotiating power. Use our strength to negotiate not just price but best terms for the seller

Pre-Approval Checks

Call lenders of offerors to ensure their qualifications were thoroughly checked by Lenders. Do not trust pre-qual / pre-approval letters on their face value. Do the due diligence

P&S Draft

Have attorney on standby to review offer if beaded and have a P&S drafted to be sent to buyer attorney

Earnest Money Deposit Collection

Collect EM deposit and put in escrow. If a buyer changes mind ensure this money goes to seller.


If inspection is part of the accepted offer, prepare and follow up on scheduling the inspection

Inspection Negotiations

Set Expectation that Inspection is not for price negotiations.

P&S Signing

Ensure to sign P&S on time . Keep tabs on attorneys, Buyer agent to make sure process moves along.

P&S Deposit

Collect P&S Deposit and put in escrow

Buyer Loan Progress

Keep tabs on Buyer Loan process. Get updates from buyer agent. If the transaction is in risk in the middle better to proactively cancel contract and go back to market


Ensure the lenders appraisal happens soon enough

Questionnaire request ( Condo )

If HOA present , ensure the buyer or their lender applies for the questionnaire in time

Apply for 6d ( Condo)

Have seller apply for 6d and get it ready

Pay Offs

Ensure the seller attorney on track to finish their work on title , mortgage pay offs etc..

Smoke & CO certification

Schedule with local Fire Marshall to get a Smoke/CO certification

Final Readings Water

If Water bill paid by seller, and if town bills water, get a final bill is generated and PAID off or included in closing as a credit to buyer and debit to seller

Final Reading of Oil / Propane

Have final readings done and have buyers pay for leftover fuel as part of closing

Final Electric Bill if Run by town

Some towns run the utilities and have special procedures

Final Walkthrough

Make sure seller prepares the home ready for Final walkthrough . Broom clean is expected per contract. Remove all Personal Property. Ensure exclusions & Inclusions per listing are honored

Closing Day

Be available for any surprises and coordinate the resolution.

Post Closing

Once closing is done, all parties sign papers, the transaction gets recorded at registry. This is the time closing attorney initiates wires, buyer(s) get the keys. The officially concludes a very long process. 

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