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Who we are?

Welcome to Key Prime Realty, a leading real estate brokerage founded by seasoned agents with extensive experience in the vibrant Boston real estate market. At Key Prime, we seamlessly blend our expertise with cutting-edge technology, offering you unparalleled insights into properties before you even step through their doors. From initial property discovery to the final transaction, we prioritize your convenience through electronic document processing and signatures. 

As a technology-driven and data-centric brokerage, Key Prime Realty has been a trusted advisor to property buyers, sellers, and investors for over a decade. Our Agency Principal, a meticulous data hawk, diligently tracks national and local housing data to educate clients on market trends. With an in-depth understanding of both historical and contemporary local markets, our team excels in advising clients, particularly investors seeking passive income through income-producing real estate. We provide extensive property and neighborhood insights, ensuring informed decisions for our buyers , sellers and investors. 

For Sellers: 

If you’re considering selling your property, schedule an interview with us before making any commitments. Our seasoned real estate agents offer unparalleled market insights to secure the best possible price. Leveraging best-in-class marketing tools, we expose your property to a pool of eager prospects. Contact us for a free, no-obligation market analysis of your home and an in-depth detail-oriented listing presentation. Our track record shows in the numbers but just give us an opportunity to showcase what we can do for you!  

For Buyers – Owner Occupants: 

Buyers, especially owner-occupants, benefit from our no-cost services, as sellers cover the total agent commission. Arrange an interview with one of our agents, either in person or through a web conference, for a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Our agents guide you through the market dynamics, ensuring you secure the best deal under current market circumstances. 

For Investors: 

As investors ourselves in the area, we bring years of expertise to help you achieve the best return on your investment, whether it’s a multi-family property or a single unit. Our team excels in analyzing various market variables using advanced tools, ensuring a comprehensive assessment often missed by even experienced investors. Experts in 1031 exchanges, we facilitate proper planning to defer your gains taxes. 

When you choose a Key Prime Realty agent, you can expect: 

  • Undivided attention to your purchase or sale 
  • In-depth insights into market data. 
  • Home value estimations from various sources. 
  • Pre-List work that presents your property in its best 
  • Best-in-Class marketing to expose your property to most eligible buyers. 

Founder Message

key prime realty founder

There are an estimated 2,000,000 or more licensed real estate agents in the United States as of Jan 2023. Around the same time we have 617,000 active housing listings. This explains the competition in the industry among agents and choices that home buyers & sellers have. In this information & AI age, it might strike to a party in a property transaction, what a FIDUCIARY brings to table, and why a fee should be paid to such a FIDUCIARY. A more cautious party could think that an experienced FIDUCIARY could benefit them more than what he/she costs For such parties, the key dilemma is who to choose among all the choices presented and how to sift through myriad of advertising that presents itself in their front I relate to all schools of thought, having gone though it personally myself before getting into this profession.  

I suggest my potential prospects to think like they are hiring an employee for the job of selling/buying of the property. Just come up with your screening an interview process. I would want my clients to treat this as an Employer employee relationship more so than a FIDUCIARY BENEFICIARY relationship. Suggest an objective , data driven screening, that solves the dilemma. The competency & proficiency in this profession varies by a huge margin so it is imperative clients do some homework and hire the expertise that is significantly better than the average agent. I give you a few pointers :  

  • Get a referral or check references 
  • Check Reviews publicly available and given by past clients 
  • Content the Agent wrote personally ( not copied from sources ) 
  • Ask questions on current market 
  • Experience in years  
  • Experience sales volume  
  • Is agent binding you into Contracts 
  • Is agent earning your trust 
  • If high volume agent, what systems support the volume 
  • If high volume agent, what team supports the volume  
  • Knowledge on your  market  
  • Depth in markets trends 
  • Depth in economic trends 
  • Property ownership  
  • Any construction knowledge 

Me & my team wish you all the best in your real estate journey and we hope to earn the opportunity to work for you. “Do not pass us before you interview us” is my humble request to you!

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